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Eyebrow & Eyeliner

Healed results never lied! Each pigment is the making from the TLC and experienced of Maryann Hoang, Grand Master 25 plus years in MicroPMU. Our permanent makeup ink is made with top of the line, premium extracts from natural organic plants with the richest pigment concentration, long lasting, and producing stunning healed results with minimum touch-ups.

Our pigment is airless color, rich, easy to use, professional and high end. It is free of heavy metals, is color positive, is made using GMP standard aseptic filling technology to prevent secondary pollution pigment. It is completely safe for the skin, will not result in discoloration and will remain stable. Brows will not fade out pink, salmon, reddish, violet or blue when applied properly using the right technique. The Vaniink Line is made of 100% essence of pure plant extracts and there is a correct pigment for every skin tone – including for scalp and areola.


Luscious lips are possible with Vaniink pigment. Our pigments are easy to use, creamy, beautiful in colors which are flawlessly adapted to the pH of the skin. The molecule size makes the product fine and smooth for easy color fixation. There is a micro-toner in every drop to promote fast and effective absorption into the skin.

Vaniink pigments are petrochemical product free, packaged in an ultra-precise ease-of-use pump promising zero risk of light and air exposure and product contamination.

Vaniink Micro Pigments have passed through the official product inspection including IOS 9001 European standard certification.

Featured Products

PMU/ Microblading pigments

Price: $55

Organic, 100% pure, high intensity plant material
Stunning, natural and true results, eliminating side-effects
Rich, long lasting, premium pigments, minimizing touch-ups
Consistent coloring on skin types and colors
Medical grade production standards

Ingredients: Glycerin,propylene glycol, alcohol, sterilized water, Hamamelis Virginia extract, antioxidant formula, non-toxic pigment blend.

Pump dispensing mechanism provides clean and sterilized dispensing for subsequent usages
Vaniink pigment also works for medical demopigmentation
We are the first to provide sterilized pigments bottle with sterilized dispensing mechanism for Permanent Makeup Ink!

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Microblading pigment - Price: $45

Vaniink Bullet Machine

Price: $499

Material: Aluminum. Motor: Japanese DC Motor 10v-10000.
Stroke: 3.5MM. Needle Protrusion: 1-4.5MM. Start Volt: 3.5V DC
Operating voltage: 6-12V DC. Stitch Frequency: 50-190 HZ.
Connection: DC RCA jack plug. Fit Needle: Cartridge needles.

  • RCA interface: Wear and tear resistance.
  • Hollow motor housing, 10V/10,000RPM: strong motor but runs cool and quiet.
  • High precision CNC machine engraved handle: easy to hold, no slipping, and intuitive.
  • Color finish using “Oxygen Oxidation” technique resulting in sophisticated look without fading.
  • Disc mechanism: Wear resistance, precision fit, easy to dissassemble to reassemble for maintainence.
  • Adjust needle length from 2-4mm with a simple twist.
  • Unique, non-slip bullet tip
Vaniink Bullet Machine - Price: $450Visit our shop
Vaniink Bullet Machine - Price: $450

Acupuncture adapter

Price: $150
Acupuncture adapter - Vaniink

Acupuncture adapter is a piece of the Art for using acupuncture needles and other needles in Asia, it medical grade aluminum material. It help the pigment float smooth and help the pigment implanted into skin more evenly, a much have for a true artist.


For thousand of years, acupuncture needles have been used to heal. There unique rounded tips will stop skin snagging and tearing and is especially suitable for brows, lips, and eyeliner. Our patented Vaniink Acupuncture needle adapter for the Vaniink PMU and tattoo bullet device is a state of the art accessory that will transform how you work. Made to be used with traditional Asian acupuncture needles, It is a highly durable, medical grade aluminum that will be with you your entire career. Acupuncture needles have been found to have many advantages over regular tattoo needles and they facilitate smooth and even pigment fixation for flawless dazzling work. Moreover, they do not traumatize skin, are more comfortable for clients and are much more affordable than cartridges. With a little bit of effort and proper training on how to cut needles to fit tightly into the adapter, no dedicated artist will want to be without one.

Also it AUTOCLAVABLE! Please do that for each individual use. Our Vaniink Micro PMU Bullet machine with the Acupuncture needles adapter is a must use for any true PMU artist!

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