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Welcome to Vaniink - MicroPMU Art Academy. Pursuing your dream career. Get a complete Microblading and permanent makeup education with us.
Take your technique to the next level and moreover.


Vaniink MicroPMU Academy of Art was founded by Maryann Hoang, a cosmetologist and teaching specialist with over 20 years of experience, and partner Mai Nguyen, Business Director and founder of MicroPMU Art Academy Worldwide and VaniInk LLC. Together, we have trained thousands of high-end cosmetic technicians. We focus on helping students develop perfect technology based on which Maryann has collected over 20 years of experience.

Our Product:

After years of teaching and beautifying customers, Maryann created her own product line with European standard quality called Vaniink, where production standards are very tough on skin safety index and health. Laboratories as well as production room equipment are also tested strictly by the French government every 6 months. Products are also tested before being sold to the market. Vaniink ink is certified as a world standard product line.

We provide the certificate of Vaniink products to dealers. The success of Vaniink is your success.

Vaniink MicroPMU Academy of Art was founded by Maryann Hoang, a cosmetologist and teaching specialist with over 20 years of experience

Why our Academy?

Whether you are a permanent makeup artist trying to add services or a newbie that wants to change careers. We are here to help and train you to become a successful PMU, microblading technician. We look towards the future at all times. We are always trying to improve ourselves and our service so we can provide our students with the best training and products available on the market.

Morever, Advanced Classes for permanent cosmetics professionals who wish to take their careers to new heights. You have your chance to be a seasoned artist who feels ready to share their passion for their art and their commitment to excellence in the industry.

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About our Online Shop

Our products are the results of 18+ years of tried and true experience in the Permanent Makeup field. Our Salon in Texas, USA receives hundreds of customers per day where we have field tested and used several hundred different PMU machines over the years and even more on pigments brands. It's all come down to which machine last the longest, quietest, most comfortable to use and softest on the customer skin. Pigments must be safe, true and natural color, long lasting coloring that produces good to great results the first time. This helps minimize costly and time consuming touch-ups which results in high customer satisfaction both immediately after and long long term.

Please visit our shop, check out our products and see them for yourself. Why struggle and experiment yourself? We have done the legwork for you and the result is guaranteed!

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